Liquid Silver Layered Necklace

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This gorgeous layered necklace is made of dozens of 925 sterling silver beads, otherwise known as liquid silver. It is stunning and weighs almost nothing. Truly one of a kind necklace that will bring Hollywood glamor to any outfit.


Measurements of the necklaces

Ten Strand-
Drop down length: 8.5 inches (shortest strand) and 10.5 inches (longest strand)

Twenty Strand-
Drop down length: 8 inches (shortest strand) and 11.5 inches (longest strand)

What is liquid silver? 

Liquid silver is often referred to as “liquid heishi” or “silver heishi”. Silver heishi is fine, tubular, silver beads that are hand-strung together in what appears to be seamless strands of silver. When these strands are strung together, liquid silver has a fluid feel almost like silk or water running through your fingers reflecting beautifully in the light. These strands of liquid silver are most often strung together by artisans in multiples of 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100 to make liquid silver necklacesliquid silver bracelets, and liquid silver earrings. The beauty of liquid silver is that it can be worn elegantly with a dress or casually every day in blue jeans.