Shipping policy

Shipping FAQs

How long does it take to process an order? 

  • We process an order in 1-2 days
  • Once the order is processed it will be out for delivery

We make every effort to fulfill our orders as quickly as possible. We are a team of humans, with human hands and human brains. We aren't perfect so to ensure the fewest mistakes are made we give ourselves 1-2 days to ensure all our orders are correct. 

What about shipping? How long does that take? 

  • We ship both domestically (all across the US) and to select international destinations. The shipping time depends on your location. 
  • If you live down the block from us the shipping varies than if you lived a country away, or are in a different state. 

We primarily use USPS, their quotes are not always guaranteed but we trust them to be mostly accurate. Domestic shipping takes roughly 2-8 days, depending on your location. International shipping is longer. 

If you need rush delivery, please reach out to us at with your concerns and we will do our best to accommodate your order. 

What about personalized orders? 

Personalized or custom orders can take up to 6-8 weeks. It takes up time to create and deliver because they are made-to-order. 


What about pre-sale items? 

When you purchase a pre-sale product, it means after our testing phase, we are ready to go into production, you are purchasing a product while it is still in the production phase. Roughly this takes 6-8 weeks to create and deliver. We are giving you the lowest price because you are helping us fund the new item.