Our Kickstarter Project

The Mission

For the last few months, we've been working tirelessly to create our travel jewelry bag. We launch it on Kickstarter end of July 2021! Our bag solves the problem of keeping jewelry organized while traveling.

The Lunar bag neatly stores eight necklaces, twelve rings, five earrings, many bracelets, a passport, and a few other things you may need to store while traveling. We use vegan, cactus leather, one of the most sustainable alternative leather options available on the market. Though not yet 100% organic, our plant-based leather helps to prevent hundreds of unnecessary animal deaths per year. We've paired our vegan leather with handmade artisanal fabrics from Mexico. Which created jobs and a steady source of income for women in impoverished communities.

The goal

With your help, we can raise $10,000 to continue our small business. We are committed to elevating luxury to ethical standards, by bringing together Mexican artisanship and quality vegan leather.

How you can contribute?

Buy a bag directly from our kickstarter. Spread the word! Tell everyone you know near and far.