Lunar Method is luxury elevated to ethical standards.

Vegan cactus leather bags handcrafted in Mexico
Cactus leather jewelry clutch
Regular price $125.00 Handcrafted in Mexico
  • Made from 100% organic prickly pear cactus
  • Incredible authentic leather feel
  • Low environmental footprint
  • Minority woman-owned
  • Peta-approved vegan
  • No plastics or polyurethane


We choose cactus as an alternative leather because it naturally reduces carbon emissions. Cactus avoids depleting the earth of its natural resources, and instead helps to maintain an ecological balance. Each bag helps to plant a new cactus and is partially biodegradable, however since the cactus is so strong each bag is made to last.


Why choose us?

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No toxic sh*t in our products

Vegan doesn't always mean sustainable. Our bags never include polyurethane (“PU”) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC – “Vinyl”). We try to only use recycled and organic materials in the lining of our bags.

The problem was the lack of options to alternative leather jewelry bags that were designed well and ethically made. Lunar Method was created to solve that problem.

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Designed for women by women

Our bags make your life easier by keeping you organized. We want you to feel joy every time you look at your beautiful things neatly packed in one place.

Our customer's experience

"Every time I traveled, my jewelry would get tangled or lost. It was frustrating."

The problem was there was no easy way to store jewelry while on the go. Lunar Method was created to solve that.

What is elevated luxury?

Elevated luxury is thoughtful and purposeful. To be elevated means you leave behind fast fashion, child labor, toxic plastics, and animal cruelty. Lunar Method is here to help you create your next chapter in luxury and sustainability.

No more guilt about buying leather made from animals.
conscious consumption

Gone are the days of leather being the only luxury textile. We are here to say yes to alternative materials, yes to beautiful design, yes to slow fashion and yes to keeping jewelry safe, clean, and tangle free. Happiness in the clutch of your hand.

About Us

Welcome! I'm Karine, founder of Lunar Method. I was raised with a Brazilian mom and Ecuadorian dad in Los Angeles and have a huge passion for culture and travel! I created Lunar Method out of a desire to build a lifestyle brand that combines luxury, ethical living, and travel. We give women the option to buy vegan luxury that's practical, ethical and makes you feel good. Our mission is to create stylish eco-luxury bags that journey with you through life.