Lunar Method is made up of a multi-talented passionate group of travelers and artisans from around the globe. We uniquely combine vegan leather and handmade textiles from artisan women in Mexico to create durable luxury bags, designed by women who travel, for women who travel.

Our Story

Beyond travel bags, Lunar Method tells a story. With beautiful fabrics, sourced directly from Mexican artisan women, and cruelty-free cactus leather, we advocate to elevate luxury to ethical standards.

We use cactus leather, one of the most sustainable and durable alternative leather options available on the market. We are committed to bringing together beautiful Mexican artisanship and high-quality vegan leather.

Message from the Founder

Welcome! I'm Karine, founder of Lunar Method. Raised in Los Angeles by a Brazilian mom and Ecuadorian dad, culture, travel, and design are huge parts of my life. Lunar Method is the intersection of femininity, conscious living, and travel.

Growing up in a low-income immigrant neighborhood, it was the support of the amazing women in my life who encouraged me to get an education, graduate from UC Berkeley, and start my own business. It's my purpose and passion to give back to underserved communities, especially creating opportunities for young girls and women who, I believe, can change the world.


Lunar Method creates handmade luxury travel bags that are durable and ethical by combining vegan cactus leather and natural fabrics from Mexico




Luxurious and functional, made from natural Mexican fabrics and sustainable cactus leather. We strongly believe that by moving away from animal hide and tanneries, we're shifting away from a toxic culture of animal cruelty and fast fashion.

Instead, we embrace that vegan leather can be a luxury and artisanal fabrics can be fairly and ethically sourced. Through our cactus leather is not 100% biodegradable, it has gone through several rigorous certification processes and has met the highest standards possible. Our cactus leather is one of the most sustainable vegan leather choices available. As our industry evolves we will always seeks to use the most sustainable materials possible.

Designed by women, for women

Why Us

Reduce your environmental footprint

The cactus leather we source is PETA certified cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, with no odor, no synthetic or polluting oils, and no ecosystem impact. Made in Mexico.

“Thanks to its strong molecular bonding in which cactus plays an important role, Desserto offers high resistance to abrasion, rubbing, tearing, tensile and a great durability. This organic, sustainable material is a great alternative to animal leather and other synthetic materials that are not environmentally friendly. Although animal leather is very resistant it is permeable and can even rot or crack if not dried quickly after it gets wet. Desserto has competitive features handling humidity and liquids very well, it’s fully customizable and breathable.

The resultant material is breathable, water-resistant, high temperature resistant with good physical properties and highly sustainable.”

Artisanal handmade fabric

For our Chiapas Collection, the colorful lining of our bags is made with 100% natural hand-woven cotton, toxic-free, and dye-free. Our artisans use only natural cotton, old-school agriculture and weaving techniques that make it uniquely built to last.

High-Quality Cotton and Polyester

The remainder of the bag lining is made with a mix of high-quality vintage polyester and natural dye-free cotton. Some of our fabrics are sourced from Los Angeles and made from superior quality material that was intended for movies and TV shows. We buy recycled materials that we not used during filming and give them a second life.

Ethically made, built to last, with you in mind.

Elevating luxury to ethical standards

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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure our customers are happy, but unfortunately once you choose a color and it's shipped out, we cannot exchange it. However, in the rare case, your bag arrives defected or torn, we will gladly send you a new one.

With proper care, your Lunar Method bag will last up to ten years.

Though not yet 100% waterproof, the Lunar bag is water resistant and can be exposed to some levels of water, sun and humidity. However, keep in mind, that in order to keep your Lunar bag looking as beautiful as possible for a long time, it's best to keep the Lunar bag in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

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