About Us


Lunar Method is woman-run vegan luxury brand, we uniquely combines cactus leather and handmade textiles from artisan in Mexico to create luxury accessories. We also recently started including gorgeous artisan made jewelry. We specialize in slow fashion by creating accessories that are built to last and made to travel.

Our Story 

Karine and Zack are the co-founders of Lunar Method, they moved from California to Mexico City in early 2020, before the pandemic hit, looking for a change of environment. Both have entrepreneurial spirits and the pandemic gave them time to think through a new business idea. Karine has been passionate about environmental causes for many years and knew their new business venture had to reflect her values at this point in her life. Once restrictions lifted in Mexico they began to travel and explore the lesser knows areas of the country and realized the array of incredible resources that existed to create products that were alternative to leather, plastic, and commercially sourced cotton.

They began to sustainably source vegan cactus leather and collaborated with local artisans to source beautiful hand woven fabrics. The collaborations took many months to establish because Karine wanted to ensure a respectful relationship, which required trust and partnerships with artisans. February 2022 marked one year of the business and they are still working with the same artisans that they started with from the beginning. 

They advocate to elevate luxury to ethical standards. We work to bring together Mexican artisanship, quality vegan leather, and silver.


Message from the Founder

Welcome! I'm Karine, co-founder of Lunar Method. I run all aspects of Lunar Method from operations, to design, to marketing, to sourcing and establishing relationship with the artisans we work with. My partner Zack helps with the financial and strategic parts of our business. I was raised in Los Angeles by a Brazilian mom and Ecuadorian dad. Culture, travel, and design are the parts of my life that defined me. To me, Lunar Method is the intersection of femininity, conscious living, and travel.

Growing up in a low-income immigrant neighborhood, it was the support of the amazing women in my life who encouraged me to get an education, graduate from UC Berkeley, and start my own business. It's my purpose and passion to give back to underserved communities, especially creating opportunities for young girls and women who, I believe, can change the world.  


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at karine@lunarmethod.com. Thank you!