5 Tips For Going Plastic-Free in 2022

At Lunar Method, we have focused a lot of our efforts on making sustainable choices in crafting and manufacturing our products, and we know that our customers care about the environment, too. It’s part of what brought you here!

By choosing to make our products with vegan leather made from cactus (prickly pear to be exact), we avoided the unfortunate side of many other faux leather fabric: reliance on plastics. That was a priority for us because getting rid of plastics is one of the most significant ways we as a global society can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease our waste at the same time.

Single-use plastics are the worst offenders, but even plastics in items that we use for a long time take generations to fully biodegrade. And, unfortunately, many of the plastics we use daily are not recyclable at the facilities available in our areas.

So, the surest way of prioritizing the environment is simply to eliminate plastics before they even come into circulation. This may seem nearly impossible given the rate our world goes through plastic. But here are five great ideas for how to move yourself towards a plastic-free lifestyle in 2022.

Bring your own shopping bag(s)

This option has been popular for a while now, but many people still haven’t embraced it or fully incorporated it into their lifestyle.

To get started, stock up on a few great canvas tote bags and store them in your car. That way, you won’t accidentally leave them at home. If you travel more often by bike or on foot, you can also get reusable bags that pack down into tiny pouches. Then, you can fit a few of them in your handbag or attach one to your keychain.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to limit yourself to using these at grocery stores. You can also bring them on other shopping outings

And don’t forget to wash your bags on a regular basis. Some people have protested the use of canvas bags based on the fear that they could harbor food-born bacteria. However, this risk is easily remedied with a cycle through the washer and drier.

Turn down plastic cutlery


If you’re ordering take-out or delivery and you’ll be eating at home, let the restaurant know that you won’t be needing any plastic cutlery. You can use your own silverware. Often, when I’ve done this, the restaurant forgets and includes the cutlery anyway. So, you can also check the bag when you get it, remove any cutlery that is wrapped and will remain sanitary, and hand it back graciously.

You can also ask whether your food can be delivered in a paper rather than a plastic bag. Even if the restaurant doesn’t currently have that option, if enough people ask, they might get the message …

Bring your own coffee cup

It’s been hard to do this during Covid times because many coffee chains have not been accepting personal cups and thermoses. But the world is starting to get back towards normal again. So, it’s time to have your mug on hand!

You can keep a lot of plastic lids out of the landfill (or whole plastic cups and lids if you order cold drinks) by bringing your own reusable drinking cup or thermos.

There are many options out there. Some people prefer a travel mug with a lid, while others prefer a glass tumbler. If you have one already that you use at home, just make sure it’s washed and ready to go before your next trip to the coffee shop. Just like you do with shopping bags, you can also keep a clean one in your car so you won’t forget it.

Get non-plastic food storage solutions

I have reusable story containers made from glass, but silicone is another (lighter) option. I also keep containers from take-out if they’re well designed and make use of them again.

For a long time, I didn’t know there was another option to replace Ziplock bags. So, I would wash them and see if I could pull them through two or three uses. However, you can now buy silicone resealable bags to take the place of Ziplock ones. They’re easy to turn inside out to clean, and they last for ages.

Buy from retailers that offer refills

Think of all the shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner bottles you go through each year, not to mention the cleaning solution spray bottles.

It can be really difficult to avoid plastic in this area, but innovative companies are offering some great solutions. Some earth-friendly stores and subscriptions services offer refills on your home and hygiene products. And many brands at least offer large refill containers from which you refill your household spray bottles.

Other brands have found ways to eliminate the need for a bottle altogether. Have you heard of laundry detergent sheets? What about shampoo and conditioner bars? There are some really great ways you can cut down on all the plastic you use on a daily basis.

At Lunar Method, we put the environment first and we want you to learn about all the ways you can do the same. Many of them don’t even require big changes or sacrifices in the way you live your daily life!

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