Lunar Method
Ethical luxury designed to last a lifetime
Lunar method's
Allergy free Sterling Silver Jewelry

Soulful pieces made from high-quality sterling silver and natural pearls. Timeless pieces that make you feel elegant in any outfit.

Wear your values on your sleeve

Shop our vegan cactus leather bags

Our non-toxic, cruelty-free luxury bags will make you feel good all around. No more wearing dead animals.

Vegan doesn't always mean sustainable, but sustainable is always vegan.Most 'vegan' bags are made from plastic (polyurethane), it's time to elevate your idea what vegan bio-material can be.

We use organically grown pricky pear (nopal) cactus, recycled or organic fabric in the lining of our bags. Ensuring your bag will last for years to come!

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Turn heads in our artisanal jewelry

You deserve to feel sexy, sassy and confident. No matter if it's day or night, and our jewelry helps you achieve that. Our jewelry is selected by our founder and energetically cleaned with crystals.

Whether as a gift for you or someone your love, these elegant and ethical pieces of jewelry will make you feel good about yourself and your purchase.

Make a bold statement or show off your subtle elegance with our pieces.

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