Green Solstice | Cactus Leather Crossbody & Shoulder Bag

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Solstice shoulder bag and crossbody strap

Indulge in the timeless elegance of the Green Solstice everyday crossbody and shoulder bag. Made from sumptuous cactus leather and natural cotton, perfect for adding a sophisticated and ethically made touch to any ensemble. Luxuriate in the sleek, modern allure of this beautiful everyday bag.

The interior: 

The interior is lined with 100% natural cotton, in white. We rescued this cotton from the warehouses in LA, which was used as props on movie sets for costumes for the actors.

The bag includes one interior zipper pocket for additional storage and four metal feet on the bottom to allow it to stand independently.

Dimensions of the bag: 

21 cm length (9 inches) 

25.5 cm width (10 inches) 

4 cm thickness (3.2 in )  

Dimensions of the crossbody strap: 

1.2 meters long (44 inches from hook to hook) 

2.5 cm Width (1 inch)