White freshwater pearl set: necklace and bracelet

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Our stunning white freshwater pearl jewelry set includes


20 cm long closed (sterling silver 12 mm adjustable lobster clasp) double braided with liquid silver beads and two rows of white pearls that are 1 cm in width.


22 cm long open  (sterling silver 12 mm adjustable lobster clasp) with matching double braided liquid silver bead two-row pearl design, 1 cm in width.

Dangle earrings

8 cm long, 1 cm sterling silver push-back closure. With matching double braided liquid silver bead two-row pearl design, 1 cm in width.

The pearls are 4 mm in size and have an eye-catching luster. It features a double strand of pearls, twisted or braided together for added dimension and texture. The length of the necklace is 18.8 (84 cm) inches, sitting at the collarbone or just below.

The bracelet in this pearl jewelry set is designed to complement the necklace, featuring a double strand of pearls that wrap around the wrist. Like the necklace, it is composed of double strands and features white freshwater 4mm pearls.

The dangle earrings in a pearl jewelry set add the finishing touch to the ensemble. These earrings typically feature a gorgeous strand of double-braided pearls suspended from a delicate metal chain, with the pearl dangling just below the earlobe. The length of the chain is 3 in (8 cm) is was designed to match the length of the necklace.

A pearl jewelry set is a classic and timeless choice that can be worn for a variety of occasions, from formal events to everyday wear.